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Mogadishu and Somalia may be risky areas to drive for many reasons. Unfortunately, this can lead to car accidents in which you may be involved. Inf that happens to you, you would better know in advance where to find the nearest and best hospitals, as the stress caused by the accident may make it more difficult for you to find them.

Here is a list our team made to put such concerns away from your mind. You will find many interesting information, as the addresses or the phone numbers of the hospitals, that will help you to react quickly and efficiently if you need to.

Finally, be sure that those are trusted establishments that will provide you with the best medical cares in case you need some.



Somalia’s Hospitals :


Edna Adan Materinity Hospital

The hospital is comprised of several departments which provide antenatal and postnatal care, immunizations, blood testing, HIV/AIDS screening, a blood bank, and more. The inpatient department includes the medical wards, paediatrics, maternity, incubation, minor surgery, and more.

Address: Hargeisa, Somaliland

Tel: +252 2 525 016, +252 2 4416 342, +252 213 8014



Banadir Hospital

Banadir Mother & Child hospital was established in 1977 as part of government development projects to Somali people which included other infrastructures as well, the hospital is suited in the middle of the Somali capital Mogadishu.



Puntland Hospital

Puntland Hospital is the largest independent hospital in Somalia. Their aim is to provide both primary and acute hospital care for the population of the area.

Address: 21 Airport Street, Bosasso, Bari, Somalia

Tel: +252 5826664, +252 5826665, +252 582 6666

Fax: +252 5826664

Mobile: +252 9079 5360, +252 6679 5360




Now that you have access to these information, you are free to fully enjoy your experience in Somalia. 

Drive carefully !

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