Mahindra is an Indian car company. African states have been offering a great market to the Indians vehicles. A section of Mahindra Group worth $19 billion has opened an office in Cairo, Egypt to help it oversee the North African parts. The office is the first one in North Africa and the fourth in the whole of Africa.

The office will be responsible for overseeing all the Mahindra’s projects in North Africa including power generators, automotive and farm equipment, construction equipment and agribusiness. The inauguration of the office was overseen by Ashok Thakur, head of IO-Africa Business, Arvind Mathew, chief of international operations, Bobby Salwan, zonal head for North Africa and the whole group of Mahindra officials along with the channel partners from North Africa countries of Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, and Algeria.

The launch the office in Cairo is perceived as the best way of Mahindra making their African networks stronger than before and building upon their presence in Egypt. Bobby Salwan was appointed as the zonal head for North African operations, alongside a team on the ground to have a secure connection within the region. The group is also planning to improve on the locally available talent to help them in knowing their customers better.

Mahindra is a global brand with the urge of availing localized solutions. The group has vehicle assembling plants in Tunisia and Egypt which are in a position to assemble 3,600 and 5, 000 vehicles respectively. The group is planning to boost their market further in Africa in the coming years.