There is a new car manufacturing company in Kenya that is producing low-cost vehicles fit for Africa. The Company has already manufactured their first vehicle which was very well received. The Africa terrain is rough, so it requires a tough vehicle just like Mobius. The company is planning on increasing the number of vehicles manufactured.

The first vehicle manufactured by the company is called the Mobius II. It was manufactured in 2014 and by 2015, around 50 units of the vehicle had already been sold. Due to the positive reception of the first vehicle, Mobius Motors is planning on increasing the number of vehicles produced this year. The company also plans on improving the features of the new car by improving its external appearance, power steering, ensuring the vehicle has a higher ground clearance and sealed side windows. With the improved version, Mobius hopes that the vehicle will receive a better reception and especially in East Africa.

Joel Jackson is the man behind the idea of developing a hardy for the African terrain. Although Jackson is a British, he lived in the rural areas in Kenya and that is where the idea developed. He established his entrepreneurial idea back in 2009. Jackson noticed that entrepreneurs in the rural areas experience challenges in mobility. So, he wanted to manufacture low-cost hardy cars that could navigate the rural terrain in Africa.

The cost of buying a new car is high for rural entrepreneurs. In addition, the vehicles are not made for the rural roads so they do not perform as well. Sometimes, the entrepreneurs have to buy the expensive cars because there is no alternative. Jackson decided to change the situation by coming up with the Mobius. Many people have already requested the vehicle. Due to the capability of the vehicle, it is referred to as the ‘Africa’s Land Rover’.

As from October last year, Mobius is now accepting customers to pre-order the new model Mobius II. The vehicle lacks common features such as glass windows, air conditioning, and power steering. The simple design and lack of these features have been compensated by selling at a low price of ksh 950,000 which is equivalent to $9500. People who are interested in the vehicle are making a deposit of ksh 50,000 which is equal to $5,000. The vehicle can travel at a maximum speed of 120 km per hour and can carry a maximum weight of 62kgs.

The company confirms that the price is the same as the one of a sedan vehicle which is 7 years old. A vehicle that is 7 years old is not possible to operate on a rough terrain. Additionally, it will be hard for the vehicle to carry heavier loads which people carry in such areas.