The Council for East and Central Africa Football Associations (CECAFA) is hosted in Kenya, and one of those stadiums where different matches will be held at is the recently upgraded Bukhungu stadium. The field was put to the test on 3rd December 2017 when the opening match between Kenya and Rwanda was played.

The stadium started to serve the public in the 1950s. Currently, the stadium has been undergoing upgrading, and the first phase which coasted Sh1 billion is expected to change the stadium into a multisport center. The stadium is located where the traditional Luhya wrestling and bullfighting completions used to be held.

All the CECAFA Group F matches will be staged there. Phase one of the projects majorly focused on renovating the dressing room, offices and VIP lounge and the larger part of the mechanical work is complete. The stadium is said to have a capacity of 30, 000 people once construction of terraces is done. The laying of the artificial turf is the only part that is expected to take a lot of time.

The Kakamega County Governor, Wycliffe Oparanya, said that the rehabilitation is part of the county’s initiative to improve the business within the region. The stadium will be able to improve the living standard of the players and business people within the region. The facility will also help in tapping up the talent in the upcoming soccer players in the County.

The stadium will also help in improving the number of both local and international tourists in the area. The Kakamega Sports Minister challenged investors especially from the hospitality industry to use the opportunity and set up high-class hotels. Big teams like AFC Leopards who enjoy a massive following in the region were told to embrace the stadium as their home ground.