Are you traveling out of your hometown in Somalia? Does your car look like a mess with all the dirt, residues, bird drips, and a lot of mud? You don’t have to worry about it at all. All you need to do is keep a Car care kit with you whenever you are traveling. Following are some tips to keep in mind while cleaning your car.

Tip #1: Window cleaning solution

Dust and dirt will always be there no matter where you are.

Prints on windows are way too common. Dust and detritus on windshields are always there to block your view. A driver should always clean his car’s windshield and side windows to avoid distractions while traveling on long routes. A dirty windshield can cause glare, especially when the sun is low on the horizon.

Tip #2: Microfiber Towels

Spills of drinks, especially sugary sodas, are often left when traveling with your family in a moving car. Keep this on the top of the cleaning car list so that it won’t decay and damage the car's surface. A damped microfiber towel is recommended rather than a soaked to wipe off the surface. Also, they are easy to clean and dry.

Tip #3: Interior cleaning solution

Spills and food may remain on surfaces even after you have cleaned them down. Vehicle-specific vinyl and leather treatments aid in the breakdown of molecular connections between pollutants and vehicle surfaces. Mold and bad smells can develop due to dirt accumulation and subsequent inside transfer.

Tip #4: Vinyl and leather protection

You are going out for beech with your family and applying sunscreen when you reach there. Unfortunately, you and your family decided to go back home and slide into the car with sunscreen on with a sweaty body to ride back home. The other day you will notice some stains on your beautiful leather seat. Clean the stains by using a towel. Interior protectant keeps your interior looking excellent while driving and helps prevent UV rays from destroying upholstery.

Tip #5: Wash and Wax cleaning solution

Traveling exposes your car to many impurities that may discolor the paint and turn it into an unattractive blob. Spray birds, bug goo, hard water stains, and dirt that can easily damage your vehicle's paint if left on the surface. They should be cleaned by using cleaners.

Tip #6: Container for your car care products

Keep your car care products and items in a storage container or a bag to make them handy and easy to access.